Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Challenge

     Just when I'm all happy about my photography skills, comfortable with my Nikon D3000 and delighted with my new tripod, just when my children, husband and dogs have become inured to seeing me with a camera smashed to my face. . .my friend Michelle has come up with a wacky photography assignment that may be beyond me.  It's a good idea, truly, and the brainchild of our friend Jennifer: make a calendar of Desert Willow/Boyd Ranch Aussies wearing things on their heads and stash the proceeds for the next one of us who needs help.  Michelle has long been obsessed with putting things on her Aussies' heads and Jennifer is a financial whiz, so there you go.
     Michelle probably has albums of photos to choose from, and several others have risen to the challenge.  But the photo that really has me envious is this one:

     That's Emmy, looking like a movie star attempting an incognito outing to the pool.  I vant to be alone!  Emmy's father Gus is Revel's uncle, so Emmy and Revel are related in some way that would hurt my brain to figure out.  They have different mothers; typical Hollywood brats.
     I got a lovely picture of Ivy's profile yesterday, featuring her beautiful new collar embroidered with our phone number (thank you, Mom and Dad!):

     I also like this one of Ivy because all four of her feet are off the ground.  Her love for the famous purple ball is helping her levitate:

     And I took a bunch of Ivy and Revel joined in an effort to dig to China.  I don't know what they were after, and they never found anything that I could see, but they made a big mess and I loved seeing them work together so sweetly and with such purpose:

     This is as close as I've come to getting something on Ivy's head:

     I will keep trying, because I'm a sucker for a good cause and because I'm competitive.  But if Ivy bites my hand off the next time I try to put something on her beautiful head, I might be that next person who needs help!  Don't forget to come visit me in the hospital, and bring chocolate.  Stay tuned!

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