Thursday, October 16, 2014

Party On, Revel

     My family is steeped in Elvis-lore.  Elvis's father worked for my grandfather, my mom has for almost sixty years maintained a crush on the King which was not lessened by his death, and my youngest son was almost born on Elvis's birthday.  My friend Jessica and I wanted soooooo badly for the baby to come on January 8th.  We were both sooooooo disappointed on the morning of the 9th when I was still pregnant.  But it turns out that True needed his own birthday; he has too big a presence to celebrate in Elvis's shadow.
     Revel was almost born on Valentine's Day, a holiday I adore and celebrate to the max, but he came on the 13th instead.  He is the lovingest puppy in the whole world, innocent and sweet and babyish, and he would have been a perfect Valentine's baby.  But we'll give him a big send-up on his day, and Valentine's can be reserved for me to woo my family with some chocolate delight.  True chose lemon cake for his birthday this year.  It was not easy to make and crazy-good, a heady cake for a ten-year-old boy.
     I don't know what Revel would choose if he could, because he seems to enjoy all food equally, and he also seems to inhale it without tasting.  Whatever I make for him, I can count on him to accept it with massive enthusiasm.
     And in breaking news, Mr. Chill has demonstrated this week that he is no pushover, never mind that Ivy runs him over like a tractor on a regular basis.  Oliver the chocolate Lab is staying with us for a few days, and Revel has challenged him or, one could say, informed him of the facts, a couple of times, even though Oliver is gigantic and could certainly take Revel down if he decided to.  Last night Oliver walked over to Revel's dog bed and started to curl his gigantic shedding self into a comfortable napping package, and Revel went over and growled a long, low, that's MY bed growl.  Oliver got up and loped away to find himself another napping spot.
     "Sorry, Oliver," one of the boys said.  "Revel's king of the dog bed."  It may be the only thing Revel's king of, but the dog bed is definitely his domain.  He goes straight to it from his crate in the morning and naps for a bit before he can be bothered to go outside.  He spends a lot of time sculpting it to his liking.  And when I dare to wash it, he takes seriously his job of getting it back to the proper shape and filth.
     Today would have been my mother-in-law's birthday, had she not died two years ago.  She was an awesome mother-in-law, and I loved telling her how crazy I am about her son.  I was lucky to have her.  I'm lucky to have him.  When I say the words, "Bruce is home," Ivy and Revel go crazy with joy, reminding me to put down my dishcloth or pot-holder and do the same.
     So much to celebrate, and my little fur-baby's birthday has moved to the top of the list.
Ivy takes a swimming lesson from Oliver.

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