Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Places I like to check out when I'm confused about dog training or need to quickly find a dog-friendly coffee shop:

Roman Reign
Wonderful list of dog-friendly places in Austin.  This is where I discovered that my favorite bookstore (Half Price Books) allows dogs; had never noticed the small sign at the store, had never thought to bring Ivy and Revel, literate though they are.

Lots of great info on dog training from certified trainer Julee Samuli.  Unlike me, she actually knows what she's talking about!  She does phone consultations and gives a discount to Desert Willow/Boyd Ranch Aussie humans; yet another reason to buy from the best.  Julee has written a particularly helpful article on crate training for you new puppy parents; I wish I had read it before I ever met my dogs!

Desert Willow Aussies
The mother ship.  This is where I found Theresa Gorduyn, the breeder who changed my life.  She breeds healthy and fabulous-in-every-way Australian Shepherds, and one can waste vast amounts of time looking at puppy pictures on her website.

While you're wasting time, why not get sucked into checking out the Puppy of the Day?

Boyd Ranch Aussies
Birthplace of my darling Ivy.  Boyd Ranch produces scary-smart working dogs and partners up with Desert Willow to place them well.
Patricia is the author of The Other End of the Leash and she maintains a dynamic site with beautiful photos of her Border Collies herding sheep plus ongoing observations of life with her dogs.  Loved the book, and it's great to have the chance to continue learning from this thoughtful dog person.

Rain, sweet rain
A two-fer: this is my husband's website, designed by my dad.  My husband builds beautiful metal rainwater collection tanks, and goodness knows we all need to be collecting rainwater here in drought-hammered Texas. 

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